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Getting Audited? EVS can help
24 May 2017 - Phil Ware (B.Agr)
News Getting Audited
Many of New Zealand’s leading meat processing companies have “On-Farm Quality Assurance Programmes” in place which are essentially in place to assure customers and consumers that the livestock supplied has been reared to a programme standard.

Many of these programmes place a large emphasis on farm biosecurity and food safety.

A large compliance part of these programmes is recording animal treatments and remedies to primarily ensure food safety integrity is upheld.  The reasons for recording this information is to assure customers and consumers that:

-        The with-holding periods have been adhered to

-        Only registered animal health products are used

-        Product is not past its expiry date

-        Products are correctly used, i.e. -dose rates, route of administration & technique

The requirements of many of these assurance programmes is to record all animal treatments, which includes Batch Numbers and Expiry dates of these products.  This is where Eastland Vets can now help in capturing this information for you.

In late May 2017, we made a software update which now captures all batch and expiry details of all OTC and prescription products purchased through Eastland Vets.  This information will be displayed on invoice statements supplied month end as illustrated in the attached photo.  Some of you will have already seen on your May statements this information coming through related to purchases towards the end of the month as we introduced this new system.  Going forward from 1st June all OTC and prescription products purchased from the retail store of the clinic we have batch and expiry details displayed on invoice statements to assist you with your compliance obligations.

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We hope the provision of this new service is helpful to you and your business going forward.  

Phil Ware B.Agr