Eastland Veterinary Services Retail


Within our spacious clinic's we have retail areas for both companion and production animals.  We stock a full range of veterinary and over the counter products for your farm animals and pets.  This includes pet food, flea treatments and worming products to docking rings, sheep dip and drench.

Our experienced well trained staff draw on local knowledge and will ensure you always get quality advice with the right product as well as appropriate options for your individual situation. We stock products from all of the main animal health suppliers and have the ability to get products in if they are not in-clinic.

Gisborne Trading hours are

8am to 6pm Monday and Wednesday.
8am to 5pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 
Saturday we are open 9am to 12pm.

For all Farm Merchandise enquires/requirements please contact
Trading Manager:  Phil Ware (B.Agr) 027 629 8222 

Wairoa Trading hours are

8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

For all Farm Merchandise enquires/requirements please contact
Merchandise Manager : Jason Haar 027 921 8808


800 5991

In Store Promotions

BionicTop to Bottom

From the top to the bottom of the country, Boehringer Ingelheim keep your stock at their best.  Purchase any qualifying drench and we'll have both you and your stock looking a little better, with a Degree Horizon work shirt or a pair of Canterbury rugged shorts.  See in clinic for qualifying product details.


BionicIT'S BACK - LYPOR Pour-On Cattle Lice Insecticide

Its back...the One treatment systemic pour-on for the control of mature and immature forms of lice on cattle (insecticide).  Lypor® Pour-On cattle insecticide controls mature and immature forms of biting louse, long-nosed sucking louse and short-nosed sucking louse following a single treatment.  Control lice today with confidence.  For a limited time Eastland Veterinary Services will give you a FREE hooded sweatshirt when you purchase a 5L pack. While stocks last.

BionicAdd life to your roundworm program

Widespread resistance means your roundworm control program may not be as effective as you think.  Zolvix™Plus is a  unique combination drench that provides premium broad spectrum control of roundworms, including resistance strains to the commonly used actives.  Include at least one 'knockout' drench in your routine drench program.  Zolvix™ Plus broad spectrum oral anthelmintic for sheep and cattle 'knocks out' resistant worms.  For a limited period at Eastland Vets get the "KNOCKOUT DRENCH PACK" which contains; 2 x 5L Zolvix™ Plus, Zolvix™ Plus Back Pack, Zolvix Optiline™ Drencher, Zolvix™ Plus branded Tub and Wormwise Handbook. Only while stocks last!

BionicPeak Performance Starts with one Powerful Drench

STARTECT® knocks out worms and fights resistance to keep your routine drenches working harder for longer.  Use it as a Knockout, Quarantine or Exit Drench to delay resistance, maintain low costs, and get both your stock and farm performing at their peak.  Startect® is back in stock today at Eastland Vets!  FREE 20ml applicator with every 5L or 15L drum purchases while stocks last.

BionicUnmatched Craftsmanship

Boehringer Ingelheim products have been carefully crafted over the decades on New Zealand farms - and right now when you purchase any of their qualifying cattle products you'll receive one of these R.M.Williams Rugby Jerseys or a Byron Tee.  Check in clinic for qualifying product details.  Promotion ends 30th April or while stocks last.

BionicThe signature of class

Behind decades of careful craftsmanship, Boehringer Ingelheim products have been designed with New Zealand farms in mind - and right now when you purchase any of their qualifying 'bulk cattle pack' products you'll receive this beautifully crafted signature overnight premium leather bag from R.M.Williams.  Qualifying purchases include: Eclipse E Inj B12 + Se 3L x 2, Eclipse Pour-On 12.5L and Eprinex 25L.  Promotion ends 30th April or while stocks last.


BionicGive your Flock a Jump Start

For the ultimate peace of mind put your trust in the proven reliability of Bionic Hi Mineral Combination sheep capsules this pre-lamb season - with an unrivalled track record for getting results, you can rest easy knowing your stock are protected by the best.

BionicNew Zealand's No. 1 cattle Injectable

When you produce quality stock, demand a quality drench.  Demand Dectomax® long acting injectable endectocide, a unique broad spectrum parasiticide for cattle.  For a limited time pick up a FREE Victornox Swiss Army Knife when you purchase 2 x Dectomax® Injectable Starter packs or 4 x Dectomax® Injectable 500ml.  Hurry, only while stocks last!