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EVS During COVID-19 Alert Level 2
18 May 2020 - John Meban (BVSc)
Covid image Eastland Veterinary Services communication during COVID-19 Alert Level 2.
Eastland Veterinary Services Operating protocols at Covid-19 Alert Level 2.

As New Zealand has now moved to Alert Level 2, we will be able to offer our clients a broader range of veterinary services.  The key Covid-19 requirements for workplaces are to:

  • Prevent the entry of people with Covid-19 symptoms from the premises.
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 1 metre.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices.
  • Provide contact tracing of people who enter the premises.

In order to keep our staff and clients safe, all Eastland Vets staff will continue to comply with current clinic policies for cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, physical distancing and contact tracing records.

From Monday 18th May our standard business hours will return:

Wairoa Clinic: 8am - 5pm (Mon – Fri)

Gisborne Clinic: 8am – 6pm (Mon & Wed), 8am – 5pm (Tues, Thurs and Fri) and 9am – 12pm Sat

Clients will be allowed into the clinic for veterinary consultations and product, but 1 metre physical distancing must be maintained at all times.  We will be allowing a maximum of three healthy adults into the reception area at a time, and a maximum of three healthy adults into the large animal merchandise area at a time.  The door between the reception area and the large animal merchandise area will remain locked.

We will carry out contact tracing record keeping on-site in the following ways:

  • Clients entering the clinic for an appointment will be loaded on our computer at the time of their arrival
  • Clients attending the clinic for collecting product (charged at an earlier time) or collecting an animal can record their details on the contact tracing notepad located in the clinic

On farm vet work

Under Level 4 / Level 3 we were restricted to only carrying out essential and emergency services.  Under Level 2 large animal vets will be able to offer a wider range of veterinary services, while still maintaining the Health & Safety measures mentioned above.  Each job will be assessed on a case by case basis, and may need to be modified or delayed if the safety of staff and clients cannot be maintained.  We appreciate your understanding on this matter, as the health and safety of our staff and clients is our top priority.

Eastland Veterinary Services would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and co-operation as we have transitioned through the Alert Level changes.  Although it has been a challenge at times operating under the restrictions of Level 4 and 3, it has been and continues to be  a privilege to service your animal health needs in these unprecedented times.

Warmest regards,

John Meban (BVSc) and the Eastland Vets team.