Retail Promotions
BionicAdd life to your roundworm program

Widespread resistance means your roundworm control program may not be as effective as you think.  Zolvix™Plus is a  unique combination drench that provides premium broad spectrum control of roundworms, including resistance strains to the commonly used actives.  Used as a knockout drench, exit drench or quarantine drench, Zolvix™ Plus added to your roundworm control program will help to prolong the life of all effective drenches.  For limited period at Eastland Vets receive FREE a optiline applicator & backpack on qualifying purchases.  Only while stocks last!

BionicPeak Performance Starts with one Powerful Drench

STARTECT® knocks out worms and fights resistance to keep your routine drenches working harder for longer.  Use it as a Knockout, Quarantine or Exit Drench to delay resistance, maintain low costs, and get both your stock and farm performing at their peak.  Startect® is back in stock today at Eastland Vets!  FREE 15ml applicator with 15L drum purchases while stocks last.

BionicDon't get caught short this season

Put your trust in the proven reliability of Bionic® Sheep Capsules - with an unrivalled track record for getting results, you can rest easy knowing your stock are protected by the best.  And for even more peace of mind, we'll throw in a Super Mini Booster so you'll be prepared for any situation.  Qualifying purchases: 2500 Capsules of: Bionic® Hi-Mineral or Extender® SeCo.  Promotional period is while stocks last.

BionicMore Actives. Less Fluke

SWITCH Fluke 10 which treats and controls roundworms sensitive to abamectin and/or levamisole and is highly effective against sensitive early, immature and mature liver fluke is now registered for sheep.  For a limited time pick up a Degree polo shirt and a 30ml oral applicator with 5L and 10L purchases of Switch Fluke 10, while stocks last.  A strategic liver fluke drench for at risk sheep and cattle is recommended during the winter months.  Talk to Eastland Vets today about the benefits of Switch Fluke 10 today.  


BionicFor A Job Well Done

Keep your stock in peak condition this season with Boehringher Ingelheim sheep oral products and you can keep the troops happy with an Esky 30 can cooler, or a 1.2L Coleman Thermos. ...What you put in them is up to you! Promotional period for the Esky 30 can cooler is Jan-Feb and the Coleman Thermos March-Apr.  Qualifying purchases: 2 x 20L Arrest HiMin, Matrix HiMin 20L, 2 x Exodus Se oral 20L, Genesis Ultra Oral HiMin 20L, Trimox HiMin 20L & 10L, Switch HiMin 20L.

BionicLooking out for you, while looking out for them.

For the ultimate peace of mind this season, protect with Eclipse®  and Eprinex® and you'll walk away with an ACR Res-Q-Link Personal Locator beacon to ensure your're protected on the farm, on the water, or anywhere else you go.  Qualifying products for ACR Res-Q-Link Beacon: 1 x 12.5L Eclipse PO, 2 x Eclipse E Inj/Eclipse E Inj with B12 + Se Inj 3L packs or 1 x 25L Eprinex PO pack.  While stocks last. Promotion ends 26/4/19.

BionicUnparalleled Protection in Kiwi Conditions

Developed and proven here - ECLIPSE® and EPRINEX® are right at home in Kiwi conditions - engineered to deliver unparalleled protection.  Just like this Icebreaker merino gear  -an extra layer of protection when you need it most.  Get yours with qualifying EPRINEX® Pour-On and ECLIPSE® Pour-On and Injection packs.  Check in clinic for qualifying packs. Promotion ends 30/9/19.

BionicNew Zealands No.1 cattle injectable

When you produce quality stock, demand a quality drench.  Demand Dectomax® long acting injectable endectocide, a unique broad spectrum parasiticide for cattle.  For a limited time pick up a FREE Tatonka carry bag when you purchase 2 x Dectomax® Injectable Starter packs or 4 x Dectomax® Injectable 500ml.  Hurry, only while stocks last!