Retail Promotions
Bionic$10 off Seresto!

8 months protection in one easy treatment - That's the longest treatment length of any flea and tick product available.  Available in one size for cats and two sizes for dogs.  Seresto® is totally unique as flea treatments go, so ask for it at Eastland Vets now!  We have a special promotion running for a limited time with $10 off each Seresto® collar.

BionicBravecto - Expect the Extraordinary

Bravecto provides long lasting flea and tick protection in a single treatment.  Bravecto breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before they can lay viable eggs providing excellent control of flea infestations.  You can choose from the TASTY CHEW - 3 months flea and tick protection for dogs in one chew, or SPOT-ON - 6 months flea and 4 months tick protection for dogs in one spot on.  Look after your working dogs this summer with Bravecto products.  Not only will Bravecto provide long lasting flea and tick protection in one dose, but you will go in the draw to WIN a Swandri® farmers pack.  See in clinic for details. Promotional period Oct - Nov19.

BionicAdd life to your roundworm program

Widespread resistance means your roundworm control program may not be as effective as you think.  Zolvix™Plus is a  unique combination drench that provides premium broad spectrum control of roundworms, including resistance strains to the commonly used actives.  Used as a knockout drench, exit drench or quarantine drench, Zolvix™ Plus added to your roundworm control program will help to prolong the life of all effective drenches.  For limited period at Eastland Vets receive FREE a optiline applicator on qualifying purchases.  Only while stocks last!

BionicPeak Performance Starts with one Powerful Drench

STARTECT® knocks out worms and fights resistance to keep your routine drenches working harder for longer.  Use it as a Knockout, Quarantine or Exit Drench to delay resistance, maintain low costs, and get both your stock and farm performing at their peak.  Startect® is back in stock today at Eastland Vets!  FREE 15ml applicator with 15L drum purchases while stocks last.

BionicBeat Fly Strike to the Punch

Fly strike is an expensive yet preventable production loss.  Even the smallest of strikes can cause major impact by diminishing appetite, leading to weight loss.  Get back on top and beat fly strike with Cyrazin® K.O.  Purchase CYRAZIN® K.O. 5 Litres to protect your mob from fly strike this season, and we'll throw in a $30 grocery voucher, just another great result for you and your stock.  Qualifying products: 1 x 5L Cyrazin® K.O. = 1 x $30 grocery voucher, or 1 x 10L Cyrazin® K.O. = 2 x $30 grocery voucher.  Offer ends 20th Dec 2019.

BionicClassic Kiwi Favourite

Christmas is all about tradition.  Feast your eyes on a ham on the bone or boneless leg ham.  Yours this season, when you purchase selected Boehringer Ingelheim products from Eastland Veterinary Services.  Check in clinic for qualifying products now.  Promotional period 1st Oct - 20th Dec 2019.


BionicSome Angus Pure On Us!

Beef up your sheep parasite control and fly protection programs this November and December with Eastland Veterinary Services.  Purchase selected Boehringher-Ingelheim sheep oral and sheep dip products to the value of $500 and get an Angus Pure 1/2 Cube Roll.  Check in clinic for qualifying products.  While stocks last!

BionicBecause it's their backsides on the line!

Protect them with the best this summer. During November and December purchase qualifying Clik and Cyrex brands from Eastland Veterinary Services and receive FREE an Angus Pure 1/2 cube roll.  Check in clinic for qualifying purchases.  While stocks last.

BionicFly, Lice & Maggot Elimination

Cyrex™ Liquid protects against flystrike for up to 12 weeks and provides knockdown control of maggots and lice in one, easy application.  With a unique mode of action and no known field resistance, CYREX™ Liquid is deadly on even resistance strains of lies, maggots and lice, yet is easy on animals and workers with a favourable safety profile.  For a limited time purchase 2 x 10L Cyrex™ Liquid or 4 x 5L Cyrex™ Liquid from Eastland Veterinary Services and receive FREE an iKegger Flagon.  Only while stocks last.

BionicNew Zealands No.1 cattle injectable

When you produce quality stock, demand a quality drench.  Demand Dectomax® long acting injectable endectocide, a unique broad spectrum parasiticide for cattle.  For a limited time pick up a FREE Canterbury Polo shirt when you purchase 2 x Dectomax® Injectable Starter packs or 4 x Dectomax® Injectable 500ml.  Hurry, only while stocks last!