Our Services Working Dogs

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A joy and privilege always for our skilled veterinary surgeons and vet nurses are the many farm working dogs we see and get to care for. These dogs are true athletes and their wonderful good nature always makes any interaction memorable.  We see many of our clients Huntaways and Heading Dogs at some stage of their careers for a range of health issues including trauma related injuries (ie – vehicle injuries, kicked by cattle beast, wounds and cuts) and health checks.

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As well as the wide range of medical and surgical services Eastland Vets offers for Working Dogs we also offer the following preventative care services:

  • On-farm annual Dog Vaccination runs
  • Mail out worming programme
  • Nutritional advice
  • On-farm working dog seminar

EVS have a great team of highly skilled and approachable vets and support staff.  Having that knowledge and expertise when making our animals' health decisions it is a huge asset to our farming business. They also have a great range of vet only products competitively priced to suit our needs. 

Tiniroto Station - Rob & Karen Newman, Gisborne